This is hilarious. You've never worked in finance, have you?

I'm definitely not one to say the system is perfect. There's too much inequality and too much unchecked power.

BUT - there is a gaping hole in your proposal. First, lending money is not analogous to "honor and glory", "art and beauty", or love. It's formulaic. It's a service, similar to many others, that should be provided at reasonable cost. If you want to work for love or for free, go to your favorite charity.

Second, and most important, is debt financing. It's far bigger than the equity world, and how most of the capitalist world finances itself (which leads to innovation and growth).

If you want to abolish interest rates completely, how should companies finance themselves? Equity alone?

If investors want a (usually) safer investment than the stock market, that's no longer an option? No bonds? What's inherently bad about the coupon payments an investor receives on a bond? Especially if it's a UST Savings Bond?

There are many beneficial aspects to interest rates, not only for "banksters" as you call them, but for companies, consumers, and investors. All of which you neglected to mention here, instead referring to interest-bearing debt as "all mestatisizing like cancer."

But love will conquer all!

Enthusiast and epicurean. Lawyer and political scientist.

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